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Users change faster than ever. Many firms now use AI to handle narrow tasks, such as digital ad placement (also known as “programmatic buying”); assist with broad tasks, like enhancing the accuracy of predictions (think sales forecasts); and augment human efforts in structured tasks, such as customer service.


AI-enabled bots from our company can help marketers understand customers’ needs, increase their engagement in a search, nudge them in a desired direction (say, to a specific web page), and if needed, connect them to a human sales agent by chat, phone, video, or even “cobrowsing”—allowing an agent to help the customer navigate a shared screen.


AI can streamline the sales process by using extremely detailed data on individuals, including real-time geolocation data, to create highly personalized product or service offers. Later in the journey, AI assists in upselling and cross-selling and can reduce the likelihood that customers will abandon their digital shopping carts. 

You want to be able to trust your business KPIs and leverage state of the art analytics and AI tools but highly heterogeneous, missing and/or anomalous data makes this difficult. You’ve hired a team of data scientists but the majority of their time is spent on data cleaning and wrangling. Something needs to change.

For you to remain competitive and ahead of your competitors, you need reliable and scalable data operations that grow with your team. When you don’t have the right data at the right time, your team operates blindly and can make critical product or business decisions based on incorrect data, costing you millions.  
We believe that all businesses should have data that is accurate, consistent, timely, complete, and accessible. We understand the doubts and frustrations leaders have with bad data. 

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